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FL Studio 8 *Tips*

2009-06-11 22:36:35 by JazzeX

i'm kinda a medium noob in fl i guess i had it for 4 months and did 2 collaborations (music with other people)

I'm Working on a new type on genre never heard before lol its really gonna be sick i think its gonna be a fun jam.

If U have any ideas or tips don't be scared to say.


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2009-06-11 23:21:12

If you're new to FL, then I hardly expect you to come up with a groundbreaking new genre. Chances are, it's been done before.
My tips for you, mess around with as many different things as you can to experiment with the tones and sounds you can get, in the VST instruments, samples, effects, automation clips and things like that, they're grat places to start. Talk to people, learn some specifics, try to reproduce certain sounds when you hear something you like, just mess around until you get the hang of it, and then challenge yourself to go with something more original.