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Game Designing Mentor Needed*

2009-06-13 14:27:10 by JazzeX

I need a mentor who can teach me the basics on makin game designing in flash i've been animatein in flash 8 for about 3-4 years if im not mistaken i know all the basics off flash and im a pretty decent animator what i don't understand (or what im asking for) is a person to teach me sprites ,actionscripts, & codes...

If you don't have time to mentor me i can learn by tutorials and videos..... just post links under me or tell me on my messanger or email :


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2009-06-13 14:31:56

oh i forgot to say what types of games im trying to make i'm tryna make adventure fighting and shooting games like armed with wings 2, Halo, And gears of war type things.