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Game Designing Mentor Needed*

2009-06-13 14:27:10 by JazzeX

I need a mentor who can teach me the basics on makin game designing in flash i've been animatein in flash 8 for about 3-4 years if im not mistaken i know all the basics off flash and im a pretty decent animator what i don't understand (or what im asking for) is a person to teach me sprites ,actionscripts, & codes...

If you don't have time to mentor me i can learn by tutorials and videos..... just post links under me or tell me on my messanger or email :

FL Studio 8 *Tips*

2009-06-11 22:36:35 by JazzeX

i'm kinda a medium noob in fl i guess i had it for 4 months and did 2 collaborations (music with other people)

I'm Working on a new type on genre never heard before lol its really gonna be sick i think its gonna be a fun jam.

If U have any ideas or tips don't be scared to say.